CSR 2 — what’s good about shopping with us?

CSR 2 - what's good about shopping with us? 1

Everyone knows that there are 2 best ways to get gold, bucks, keys or cars: buy in the game itself for a lot of money or buy safely and not expensive on CSR2PRO.

So, what are the pros and cons of buying from us before another way?


  1. Theprice. It’s times lower than the game. For example, 125 gold keys in the game costs without a discount of $119, we have that same for $3,89 🙂
  2. You can buy everything! Yes, absolutely everything. If in the game for purchase are available with a dozen machines and only without pre-installed improvements and fusion parts, then at the moment we have all 336 cars both in null and in full pumping at once. At the same time in full pumping is no more than in the game without six-stages and fusion 🙂 It is incredibly profitable, the savings in money comes to the mark of 7-10 times!
  3. Lightningsupport! Our managers do not sleep — on any issues will prompt 🙂 You do not have to torment yourself and look for which car is suitable for a career or online racing, we are happy to pick you the best for you under your request. No imposition of more expensive goods, just what is really good for you 🙂
  4. Thanks to the low price, you can safely buy currency at least every day, and do not spend a lot of hours on earnings of gold, money, eternal waiting until they give at least 1 golden key … Using our service you become a more effective player both for your team and online.


  1. When you buy some packages, such as 1000 gold keys, you get a side effect: a chance of 1.2% per ban. Do not ban for buying cars and pumping cars (except those that have not yet come out in the game officially). Currency in addition to the maximum amount is also safe. Ban is not something irreversible, it can be removed without problems Ban can be removed without problems!!! After that, the game continues exactly as it was before him. The only thing is that at the moment of blocking the points earned in the team are reset.

How to take advantage of shopping at CSR2PRO?

Make an order through the website or contact your manager directly.


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