Daily Prizes

Daily Prizes 1

When you go to CSR Racing 2 every day we get prizes, they are different-from the details of fusion and a small amount of cash, to the details of level 6 and all kinds of keys.

The most valuable prizes are, of course, prizes for the 26th and 28th days – 1 and 3 gold keys. Yes, it is not cool, you need to go every day in the game for a month to get 4 gold keys.

If you really want to go to the gold keys, but you can not miss the days of the word «in general», since omitting one day you lose the last day with a prize of 3 gold keys. Skip two days-the last two days the game is erased and so on.

The screenshot shows how the game «draws off» the missed days. I missed 4 days and the system took my prizes for 25-28 days and it’s sad:(

If you have made a situation that missed a couple of days, then reaching the «erased» Days Countdown will go first.

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