How to sell a car in CSR Racing 2?

If you have wondered whether the car is sold in CSR2, Then I have 2 news for you, by the standard, good and bad:

Good:you can sell cars in CSR 2!

How to sell a car in CSR Racing 2? 1

The bad: money on this does not cook 🙁 Cars on sale are mere pennies, and if it also costs six parts with fusions — you will have to pay gold for their demonization!

By the way, not all cars can be sold. For example, bought for real money and prizes with purple stars — to sell or disassemble on details DO NOT REALLY! You can’t sell a car early in your career before you beat K.J.

How to sell a car in CSR Racing 2? 2

If you need money in the game, then look in our store, or try your luck online at the maximum rates.

… but if suddenly the car to sell still decided, then here’s how to do it:

Sell the car in CSR 2

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